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Now All Of Our Plans Are Available In High Quality pdf Format

Build It For Less!

What We Do


The best quality trailer plans put into high quality pdf format so our customers no longer have to wait to receive their plans. All of our trailer plans come with complete step by step building instructions and materials list!


We show you how to Build It For Less!


We have been designing and building trailers for over 15 years. So we know trailers and we know what you need in a set of trailer plans to be able to build a trailer from those plans. Every trailer that we sell plans for has been built and road tested. All of our trailer plans come with the complete step by step building instructions and materials list.


Our most popular and best selling plans are for our Teardrop Trailers and our 4x4 Off Road Tent Trailer. We take a lot of pride and put a lot of time into our trailer plans.

Off Road Trailer

Most Popular Trailer Plans

Below are the most popular trailers we sell plans for.

Off Road Trailer

Off Road Trailer:
Also called an Adenture Trailer or Overland Trailer, This is one of our most versitile trailers.

Learn More

Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Trailers:

With two sizes to choose from and no welding required to build these camp trailers, its no wonder these are so popular. Learn More

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailers:

Heavy duty tandem axle flatbed trailers with a GVWR of 10,000# means you can haul a larger payload. Learn More

What Makes Those Trailer Plans So Popular?

Here are some of the features of those trailer plans.

About the 4x6 Off Road Trailer Plans:

One Of The Most Versatile Trailer Designs We Have! This 4x4 off road Tent Trailer is designed to be rugged enough to go anywhere your vehicle can pull it, this trailer can provide extra gear carrying capacity and comfortable camping accommodations in places ordinary pop-up campers could never go.

This off road roof tent trailer was designed to be lightweight yet rugged with a gvwr of 3000#. The trailer frame is built with square tube steel to be strong enough to handle anything you will want to put it through. The adjustable roof tent platform is designed to work with your roof top tent.  The platform can be set at the lowest setting for travel and then once your at your camp, the platform can be raised 6 or 12 inches. These plans include complete step by step building instructions and contain over 70 pages of information to eliminate any guess work.

About the Teardrop Trailer Plans:


We have two teardrop trailer plans available, our Classic Style 5 x 8 Teardrop Trailer and our Benroy Style 5 x 10 Teardrop Trailer. Both sets of plans include step by step building instructions and materials list.

Both sets of plans are also very detailed and contain over 60 pages each. Although most people choose to use one of the little bolt together trailers for the frame or other prefabricated trailer for the frame, we have also included the plans and building instructions for the frame in case you want to build your own. Something you will not find with our competitors.

Because these trailers are 5' wide, you will be able to fit a queen size mattress in them for more comfortable sleeping.

If you do use one of the little bolt together trailers for your frame, there will be no welding required to build either one of these camp trailers. Wiring diagram and instructions are also included.


About the 8' Wide Flatbed Trailer Plans:

The 8' wide flatbed trailers are heavy duty tandem axle trailers with a gvwr of 10,000#. The plans for these trailers come with complete step by step building instructions and materials list.

We have also included a few things in our flatbed trailer plans that you won't find else where. We have included instructions for building the trailers with a wood deck of a metal deck so you can choose what best suits your needs.


We have also included the instructions for building the trailers with or without a dovetail. Last but not least, we have included a free file with easy to follow instructions on installing the electric brakes.


Save Even More With Our Trailer Plan Bundles

Trailer Plan Bundle

Save even more on our trailer plan bundles. You can save a ton of money by purchasing our bundles!

Save up to $24.94
Our trailer plan bundles are a great opportunity to get our plans at a huge discount. This makes our bundles
perfect for shop teachers, welding classes or anyone that may want to build more then one trailer.


Now Available In High Quality PDF Format


We have now made all of our trailer plans available in high quality pdf format. So you no longer have to wait to receive your trailer plans. Plus no more shipping fees!


You will receive your plans to build your trailer shortly after your payment has been received.

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Why Choose Our Trailer Plans?

Quality Trailer Plans


We take a lot of pride in the quality and the amount of time that has gone into each set of trailer plans that we offer. Even after we have finished a set of plans and started sales. When we received an email from a customer with a question about part of the build in the plans, we immediately went back to the plans to figure out a way to better explain that part of the instructions. So our plans have been updated many times, because we truly want our trailer plans to be the best you can buy!

Much More Than Trailer Blueprints


If you have the skill set to be able to build a trailer from a set of trailer blueprints, then you probably should not purchase our trailer plans. We know that most people who want to build a trailer would not be able to do so from a simple set of blueprints. So we created trailer plans with step by step building instructions from start to finish. Depending on which trailer the plans are for, our trailer plans contain anywhere from 45 pages to 75 pages of information to eliminate any guess work.

What our customers had to say about our trailer plans.

Good plans, extra files, seems to be well explained. Very pleased. A+
Steve - TN

Thank you for your quality product, your rapid response, and your obvious business integrity.
Michael - VA

I am very satisfied with my purchase. These plans were everything that it said.
Jerry - SD

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